• Wedge Consulting support Hollow and Technical Glass Industry with consultancy and service to achieve HOT END PROCESS OPTIMIZATION.
  • The project was born from Pietro Agnetti thanks to his experience as Sales manager at European manufacturers of machines and complete lines for the glass industry.
  • Wedge Consulting offer CONSULTANCY- SERVICE to End Users.


Waltec (https://www.waltec.de/) is leader supplier of “HOT END PROCESS OPTIMIZATION”

“I’m proud to work beside Waltec to support them in boosting the international network and providing technical/economic consultancy to glass manufacturers.”


Konatic (www.konatic.com) is an international innovative company in the field of technology and sensors, for hot end process control, for laboratory devices and traceability in the glass packaging industry.

“With this partnership Wedge Consulting is making a further step on the glass process optimization to achieve a quality glass, maximizing the return on investment in production plants while respecting environmental sustainability.”


Forglass (www.forglass.eu) is an advanced technology company specialising in designing, computer modelling (CFD), engineering, testing, manufacturing and erecting glass furnaces and batch plants for producers of container, tableware and sodium silicate glass.

The company is committed to help glass producers save energy and reduce emissions by optimising furnace and forehearth design, as well as batch and cullet technology lines.

“Forglass is an important strategic partner of Wedge Consulting which completes the offer of services and technology for customers with high demand in terms of energy saving, glass quality and short glass-to-glass timelines”.